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【学术报告】Multiwavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analysis and Its Application in Brown Carbon Estimation

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报告时间:2019年7月12日(星期五) 14:00


联系人:程真 chengz88@sjtu.edu.cn


Black carbon (BC) and brown carbon (BrC) aerosols are light-absorbing substances that affect the Earth’s radiative balance. Despite increasing interest in BrC aerosols, there is a large degree of uncertainty about their abundance, source attribution, and environmental/climate impacts, partially owing to a lack of BrC quantification at different time and locations. 

This presentation will describe the development of a multiwavelength thermal/optical carbon analyzer (DRI Model 2015) that quantifies organic and elemental carbon (OC and EC) and estimates BrC at the same time. Results from the U.S. Interagency Monitoring of PROtected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) and Chemical Speciation Network (CSN) (~300 sites) for 2016 (~30,000 samples) will be discussed to better understand the abundance and temporal variation of carbonaceous aerosols in the U.S. The analyses maintain continuity with the long-term OC and EC databases for these networks. On average, non-urban IMPROVE samples show higher fractional BrC absorption than urban CSN samples, owing to greater influence from biomass burning and aged aerosols, as well as to higher primary BC contributions from engine exhaust at urban sites. The Absorption Ångström Exponents (AAE) are higher at the IMPROVE than at the CSN sites. Sequential samples taken during an Everglades National Park wildfire illustrate the evolution from flaming to smoldering, with the BrC fraction increasing as smoldering begins to dominate the fire event. Characterization of light absorption properties of laboratory-generated BrC surrogate compounds demonstrate the feasibility of using the surrogate compounds’ mass absorption efficiency to convert BrC light attenuation to BrC mass contributions to the carbonaceous fraction of PM2.5.


王小亮教授目前就职于美国沙漠研究所大气科学系。他在清华大学获得热能工程系和环境工程系双学位后,在美国明尼苏达大学机械工程系师从著名气溶胶专家Peter H. McMurry 教授攻读硕士和博士学位。毕业后在气溶胶仪器TSI公司任资深研发工程师,自2009年任职于美国沙漠研究所。王博士主要从事纳米气溶胶测量的设备研发、新型仪器手段应用于空气质量和污染源排放观测、以及气溶胶物理化学性质研究,他在仪器研发方面的主要研究成果包括:(1)发明空气动力学纳米粒子透镜;(2)发明实时粉尘监测仪 (TSI DustTrak DRX); (3) 研制便携式多污染物稀释采样测量系统及其在机动车尾气,工业烟囱,和扬尘污染排放现场观测的应用;(4)设计和完善应用于欧盟汽车尾气排放颗粒物标准计数器(PNC)和发动机排放颗粒物粒径谱仪(EEPS);(5)研发DRI Model 2015多波段碳分析仪。


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