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【环境讲坛99期】Solids, Ammonia, and Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio on Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Poultry Litter and

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报告题目:Solids, Ammonia, and Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio on Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Poultry Litter and Wheat Straw, and Kinetics Modeling of Continuous Operation Using Batch Experimental Data 

报告人: 朱军





Batch experiments were first conducted to determine the effects of total solids (TS), volatile solids (VS), ammonia, and carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N) on anaerobic co-digestion of poultry litter with wheat straw. Three TS levels (2, 5, and 10%) with wheat straw varying at 0, 25, and 50% in the TS were tested using 1 L anaerobic flasks. The results showed that for TS of 2 and 5%, the highest CH4 production occurred at 50% WS solids with the maximum specific CH4 volume being 197 mL/g VS at a C/N ratio of 30. The optimal TS content of the digestion substrate for 50% WS was found to be 4.15%. While for 10%TS, the specific CH4 volume was higher at 0% WS. A reduction in methanogenic activity among all TS ranges by at least 54% was observed when NH3 concentration exceeded 185 mg/L. Second, the kinetics of batch anaerobic co-digestion of poultry litter and wheat straw at three TS levels (2, 4, and 8%) and 50%VS of wheat straw (VSWS) were investigated. The results showed that the maximum specific CH4 volume (209 mL/initial g VS) was obtained at 4%TS with 50%VSWS. The ranges of kinetic parameters in the Monod model including the endogenous decay coefficient, yield coefficient, maximum rate constant, and half-saturation coefficient were found to be from 0.57 x 10-3 to 1.2 x 10-3/d, 0.00938 to 0.0644 g VSS/g VS, 1.394 to 13,797/d, and 1.6x10-8 to 99,996g, respectively. The kinetic parameters from the batch experiments were then used to simulate kinetic behaviors of a continuously mixed digester with biological solid recycle. The simulation results showed that dilution rate (D) was a significant factor affecting methane production and the levels of VS and VSS in the digestion process. The maximum methane volume could reach 3,071 and 4,152 mL for 2 and 4% TS, respectively.


朱军博士是美国阿肯色大学生物与农业工程系教授。在2013年加入阿肯色大学以前是美国明尼苏达大学生物制品和生物系统工程系教授。朱军教授于1995年从伊利诺伊大学香槟分校农业工程系获博士学位。他的研究方向包括从农业生产废弃物中生产再生能源和高附加值产品应用型技术的开发和评估。可用的废弃物涵盖许多方面诸如畜禽粪便,农业植物残留物, 食品加工废水等。朱军教授迄今为止在SCI杂志上共发表专业文章139篇,在学术大会上发表论文142篇。指导过6个博士后,毕业了8个博士生和6个硕士生。还担任另外9个博士生和6个硕士生答辩委员会成员。朱军教授现任美国农业和生物工程师学会(American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, ASABE) 的两份学术会刊分部的主编 (Transactions of ASABE 和 Applied Engineering in Agriculture),负责“农作物和畜禽养殖系统”分部所有文章的总审稿。他还是另外两个国际学术杂志 “Archives of Microbiology and Biotechnology”和“International Journal of Water and Wastewater Treatment” 编委会成员。除此以外,他还是美国农业和生物工程师学会下面很多技术委员会的主任或委员,诸如美国农业和生物工程师学会结构及环境技术委员会委员 (空气质量),美国农业和生物工程师学会生物工程技术委员会委员,美国农业和生物工程师学会再生能源技术委员会主任及委员,美国农业和生物工程师学会畜禽粪便管理和技术委员会委员,美国农业和生物工程师学会畜禽粪便回田技术委员会委员等。


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